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In todays hectic world, we frequently find ourselves bombarded with information from a variety of different sources. Managing and prioritising this information can often be a logistical nightmare with the volume of data, email and phone calls we have to process. The internet, whilst empowering, has also served to compound the problem. Looking for information online has been likened to trying to take a drink from a fire hydrant!

With a bit of thought and careful consideration, however, it is possible to improve our management of data. Centrally controlling the details that your organisation holds improves efficiency, reduces redundancy and provides a consistency of information that you customers will appreciate. Out of the chaos of your raw input can be borne sophisticated management reports, presentation graphics and detailed statistical the touch of a button.



Whilst the industry sectors in which we operate may vary, the common underlying theme has always been the management of information through state of the art tailored systems.

This invariably gives our customers the improved productivity required to gain a competitive advantage.

Our products run both nationally and internationally for a client base that includes many household names. If you require further reassurance we will gladly arrange appropriate references upon request.



In its basic form our development philosophy is very clear. We do not simply develop software but deliver software solutions. This we achieve through listening to our customers, involving them throughout the entire development lifecycle and responding positively to their changing needs and requirements.

Specifically, we are mindful at all stages of a project of the ultimate users of a system and take care to produce interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and meet the practical aspects of delivering the required functionality.



Once we have a complete understanding of a requirement we can then set about its planning. Only then can we adequately design a solution that will meet the needs of our clients both in the short term and which is capable of adapting to whatever the future holds.

Our complete end-to-end bespoke service typically incorporates detailed object-orientated design, through which we can be confident our solutions are expandable, extensible and capable of totally fulfilling our clients expectations.



The last few years have seen remarkable advances in the IT industry. Software Development techniques in particular have matured to a stage where today's developer has the choice of many products with which to develop sophisticated software applications.

As the industry has increasingly adopted more Internet and mobile solutions, so we have augmented our skillset by evaluating and adopting the best emerging technologies.



At a technical level, we permanently strive to remain at the cutting edge of technology. We do not tie ourselves to specific products or services and are constantly looking for the current 'best of breed' within an ever-changing industry.

We feel this gives our clients the confidence that when we recommend a solution, that we are doing so with some justification and that their resulting systems are therefore as innovative and future-proof as they can be.



We are realistic enough to acknowledge that the best systems in the world still require a minimum amount of maintenance or monitoring.

We are also acutely aware of how frustrating it can be, when one does experience problems, to be faced with the prospect of premium rate support numbers, automated answerphones, inexperienced call centre staff or simply being told "Have you checked our website?".

The intransigent stance of many of todays businesses is crying out for an alternative that is reasonable, reliable and most importantly honest.

We aim to supply just such an alternative, providing a range of flexible training and support packages centred around your individual needs.

We are happy to be guided by our customers when seeking how best to achieve this goal.



The following are a small subset of the many systems we have successfully developed :-

  • End to end solutions for the motor finance industry.
  • Browser based, warehouse handling systems.
  • Sales order processing integrated with accounts packages.
  • Custom app development.
  • Benchmarking and best practice analysis tools.
  • Bespoke CRM systems.
  • Distributed sales & marketing systems for the rail industry.
  • Internet/intranet websites incorporating dynamic content.

Our existing clients willingness to consistently give us repeat business, we would hope, is testament to the quality of service that we provide.


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